Dog Bites in San Diego County, California

Dog Bites — Attorney at Law in North San Diego County California
Dog bite law is an unusual area of law that involves many different facets of city and county ordinances, as well as state statutory, state case and common law. The entire body of dog bite law also consists of civil, criminal and administrative laws. Each has a specific purpose: civil laws govern monetary compensation for the victim, and criminal laws serve to enforce punishment on the dog owner, while administrative laws cater to the dog itself.
While most dogs are furry, fuzzy and fun loving, the reality is that some can be quite dangerous creatures. In fact, Pit Bulls and Rottweiler's are considered to be the two most fatal attackers. If you have been victimized due to a dog attack, perhaps you should consider legal representation. The Christine A. Carlino Attorney at Law can help you determine what course of action would be in your best interest. In some cases, taking a dog bite settlement is the best option, while others may warrant a trial in court.